This drone is a real lifesaver.

The search and rescue drones from Custom Drone can save lives. Our search and rescue drone is able to actively find people in the water. And the emergency services are informed when a drowning person is spotted. Detecting a drowning person becomes more efficient with the use of a rescue drone. We have studied the needs of various emergency services and the government. The needs of the fire brigade, the police, the Marechaussee and the Coast Guard have formed the cradle for the rescue drone we have developed. Our mission is to make the use of a drone as easy and self-evident as using a mobile phone.


Flying with a search and rescue drone is super simple. Anyone can learn it in a few hours.

Instant feedback

Get a notification immediately if a drowning person or suspicious situation is spotted.


Easy and quick to use so you can rescue the person in need faster.

Hufter proof

A search and rescue drone is made to work in dust, wind and precipitation. And can take a beating.

What can a rescue drone mean for your company?

Our Rescue Drone


Below is our rescue drone pictured. Designed and built to do its job under all circumstances. Dust-resistant, moisture-proof and robust. Is the drone done with his task? Then it is easy to fold. And the drone is easy to move trough the large handle.

one drone. three camera options.

We want to make choosing the right drone for your needs as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve preselected the best 3 camera’s in the market at their respective price levels.

Camera 1

This is the simplest camera and therefore a great entry. This camera provides an advantageous and real-time view of the situation from a different angle. With this camera you can zoom in and out x30, record videos and capture pictures.


Camera 2

This camera is immediately a lot more extensive and ensures that you can also detect heat sources and people. The ability to switch between normal and thermal images makes it possible to view the situation well under all circumstances.


Camera 3

This camera is custom made for rescue operations. The drone can fly off an area and give a notification if a person or object is recognized. Then you have the choice to follow this object or to fly off the area. You can also switch between normal and thermal images and also make recordings.

Rescue drone on a power cable

It is also possible to fly wired with a rescue drone. Thanks to a new technique our drone can fly 100 meters high wired. This cable supplies the drone with power so that charging on the ground is no longer necessary. This allows the drone to stay in the air for up to 400 hours. Without coffee breaks. The maximum flight time is 30 minutes without power wire.

Easy Fly

Operating and flying a rescue drone is very simple. The drone can fly autonomously. After you indicate on a tablet which area you want to mark for a search and rescue operation. The drone will make its own route and flies independently, the drone automatically flies back after the execution of the assignment. Or when the battery runs out. Manual flying is of course also possible. The law requires that the pilot always has the drone in sight, and has the opportunity to intervene if necessary. We will teach you all this in a training session of just a few hours.

Easy Result

The images generated by a rescue drone can be viewed live in HD and can even be broadcasted through secure 4G streaming. This allows for live views from the air. En the best overview of the situation.

Our software

The software developed for this drone is very simple and user friendly to – This ensures that the drone recognize people quickly. And thus directly control the situation. This way you can make choices quickly about what needs to be done on the ground.

Full service

A drone is an important piece of machinery for your company. That’s why we believe it should always work. Should a malfunction arise or your drone is damaged in some way, we make sure you have a working drone at your disposal within 24 hours. This could be your repaired drone, or a spare. That’s why we value our 24/7 service.

Dutch legislation

Legislation for drones in the Netherlands is pretty straightforward. You will read all about it if you follow this link below

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